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Isabelle Bongard offers a body of work that is both singular and original in her way of using her contemporary mosaics in the form of sculptures and flexible suspended works for open or glazed spaces and lighting fixtures.


Her technique, resulting from years of research in order to achieve a process to allow a flexible structure which retains all the translucency and the luminous intensity of the colors and the brilliance of the glass, allows integrations and harmony with textiles and flexible materials.


After studying art and stained glass in Switzerland in a specialized school and then her BTEC in her pocket, she decided to learn all the other glass techniques and left to complete a Master's degree in artistic glass at the University of Sunderland in the northern England. It is flameworking that she will choose to continue her work by perfecting her skills with experienced and recognized professionals in the field of glass flameworking .


Based in Paris since 2010, she has developed a language and a reflection around beauty, the relationship between its physical expression in matter and its deeper meaning linked to spirituality.


"A noble material that allows light to pass through, glass is an echo of our own secret search for luminous beauty, our common good hidden inside and outside of us. »




Born in Switzerland, lives and works in Paris





2007-2009 Master of Art, Glass, Université de Sunderland, England


2004 BA Stained glass maker, Switzerland


Exhibitions and residencies


2013 La Petite Galerie, La Tour de Babel, Paris, France


2012 Residency at Atelier Bis, Paris, France


2009 Gallery 'The Biscuit Factory' (collective), Newcastle, England


2008 Tyne Station Bridge (collective) , Newcastle, England


2007 Gallery  L’Essor , Le Sentier, Switzerland


2006 Vitro Museum (collective), Romont, Switzerland


2005 Offene Kirche Elisabethen (collective), Basle, Switzerland


2004 National Stained Glass Museum, (collective) Romont Switzerland


2003 Gallery Imagine, (collective) Orbe, Switzerland


2002 '2002' National Stained Glass Museum, Romont, (collective) Switzerland























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