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     My work is part of a process of unveiling and transforming the entire being towards a state of union*. Ideally, true union is both that with the self (the soul) in its vibrant depths, which through knowledge leads to union with others in consciousness and ultimately to union with the transcendent and immanent One . I believe that we are on our way to our individual and collective luminous destiny in which, in these uncertain times, it is imperative to be confident. Art for me is a means of expressing an inner progression and a way of inventing images of relationships between the sensitive, visible world and the soul meant to join the Nous** (the intellect) as if to find a beauty that would still be unknown.

     When working, I make sure to be intimately connected with what I call the true center of the person, the one which is beyond the world of senses, of desires, which is not separated from anything, which is whole and physically located in the middle of the chest; this is where I can receive continuous inspiration when developing projects or in the act of drawing. I free myself and move away from all overly intellectual considerations, from all parasitic feelings and emotions. It is my way of approaching what the philosopher and mystic Plotinus and Neoplatonism call “true life”, which seems to me to be the only life that truly vibrates and it is the one that matters to me.

* See

**For the notion of "Nous", follow the link on Plotinus




Born in Switzerland (1964) Lives and works in Paris

    After achieving a master's degree at the University of Sunderland in glass and ceramics, I moved to Paris in 2010 and perfected the blowtorch technique with recognized flame-working artists such as Michi Suzuki, Guillaume Thoraval, Astrid Riedel, Beau Anderson.

     Coming from the field of stained glass (Swiss School of Stained Glass and Design in Switzerland) I started research in assemblies of glass pieces in 2015. With the technique of murrinis (small pieces which make up the thousand fiori in Murano) and cabochons I first work on creating large sets made up of small juxtaposed pieces. Developing an assembly technique with a special transparent silicone, my works are flexible and translucent. At the end of 2023 I began, in parallel, work on murrines and cabochons on secure glass.


Since 2013 : research and development in technichs and aesthetics

Exhibitions and residency

2013 La Petite Galerie, La Tour de Babel, Paris, France


2012 Résidency at  l'Atelier Bis, Paris, France


2009 Galerie 'The Biscuit Factory' (collective), Newcastle, Angleterre


2008 Tyne Station Bridge (collective) , Newcastle, Angleterre


2007 Galerie L’Essor , Le Sentier, Suisse


2006 Vitro Musée (collective), Romont, Suisse


2005 Offene Kirche Elisabethen (collective), Bâle, Suisse


2004 Musée du Vitrail, (collective) Romont Suisse


2003 Galerie Imagine, (collective) Orbe, Suisse


2002 '2002' Musée du Vitrail, Romont, (collective) Suisse

Romont, Suisse

Isabelle Bongard

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